About Mrsdale.com

Because Education Matters

Supporting Students in Learning.

This site has been created to help support students throughout their learning adventure. It provides the students with the ability to take a greater level of ownership of their own academic process. This site contains resources from inside and outside of the classroom to ensure that students have the tools to complete their classwork and develop a mastery in the academic standards.

Why Use Mrsdale.com?

One-Stop Access

Students can find the resources used in their class from one site. They don't need to search the Internet for resources they may have lost or misplaced.


The simplified layout of Mrsdale.com is designed to save students time. It removes the complexity found in many website and provides direct access to resources and web links. It supports the teacher by providing a centralized location for all class materials, reducing the time needed to ensure students have the materials required.

Teacher Created and Maintained

The content is created for the teacher and subsequently is tailored to the teacher's (and student's) needs. This helps to ensure that the site contains what the student's need, when they need it.

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Disclaimer: The contents and views of the author of this site do not reflect the policies of John Dewey High School or the New York City Department of Education. This site is teacher created to support students within her classes. John Dewey High School and the New York City Department of Education are in no way involved in the creation, hosting, or publication of this website.
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