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What is the AGS System?

The AGS (Assesstec Grading System) is a grading system that I have specifically commissioned for development to support my grading methodology. I required a system that supported research based grading methodology in a manner which supported the students. Despite searching many of the systems out there had little or no support for Standard Based grading, or were too complex to configure and offered little in the way of support for the students.

Student Ownership

Through the use of Standard Based grading and the unique features in the AGS System, I am able to promote student ownership of their academic progress. By providing both textual and visual representations of student performance across the Common Core Standards students are better equipped to reflect on their own successes and areas of struggle. The AGS system supports this self-development through academic and ethical goal setting. Setting goals is a critical milestone for self-improvement and self-regulation.

More than Just a Grade

Standard Based grading offers me the opportunity to provide students with multiple grades for a single piece of work. This allows easy tracking of student performance, growth, and struggle, but also help students themselves identify areas of weakness. The AGS System in direct alignment with the Common Core Standards not only helps to identify areas of struggle and success, but also automatically provides critical next steps on how to improve and further develop their skills and knowledge of concepts. In addition to teacher feedback this plays a major part in creating an atmosphere were students are able to learn both in and out of the classroom.

Unlike most system the AGS system doesn't use averaged grades. Grades are calculated using a growth formula that is able to provide a more accurate representation of the students performance. As school semesters progress students class grades are reset. However, all students within the system receive a College & Career Readiness grade that is the growth factored grade for the entire school year. It is this grade that is their transcript grade.

Constant Development

As I am so closely affiliated with the AGS System and its development, I am able to have it tailored to suit the needs of both the teacher and students. The AGS system is under constant development and we are always striving to improve its measures of student support. New features are in development and existing features are looking at improvements. If there is anything you would like to see, or find helpful that isn't in the system, feel free to contact me and I will pass it along to the development team.

I hope you find the AGS system informative, clear, and concise. It is a valuable tool for teachers, parents, and students alike.

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