Be Prepared to Learn


Classrooms are a place for learning, and learning can be fun. However, learning is the classroom requirement. So in order to ensure that we are all learning I have some expectations that are required to be adhered to.

Treat All Classroom Members with Respect

Upon entering the classroom leave all vendettas outside. I don't expect you to be best friends with everyone. However, I do expect that you treat each other (and me) with respect and courtesy. This means

  • listen quietly when someone else is speaking
  • raise your hand to speak
  • if you have any differences of opinion bring them up in a manner that does not offend anyone, and if those differences can't be resolved speak to me so we can work together to resolve them
  • Speak at an appropriate level, and never raise your voice

Be on Time

It is a general courtesy to your teachers and fellow class members to attend class on time. Arriving late to a class is a disruption for all members of the classroom.

Obviously, there are occasions that you have no control over your arrival time; in these situations your should enter the classroom quietly and take your seat. Be prepared to explain your lateness.

Please Note: Helping another teacher, using the bathroom, and speaking to your guidance counselor (unless they speak to me) are NOT valid reasons for absences and/or lateness

Be Prepared to Work

The class is for learning, if you come to class unprepared and/or unwilling to work, this is disappointing and can often be disruptive. When you arrive in class take out your notebook/paper and writing utensil and await instructions. Do not wait to be told and this wastes your valuable class time.

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