Grading Methodology

More that just a score

Standard Based Grading

The method of grading that I have adopted is a heavily researched based methodology called Standard Based grading.

Standard Based grading assesses students to specific standards as opposed to a single overall grade. This helps students quickly identify areas in which they are competent and areas in which they are struggling.

The Standards that the students are graded to are the widely adopted Common Core Learning Standards. These standards are designed to support the student toward College & Career Readiness, and help ensure their success beyond high school.

The AGS Grading System

In order to support the CCLS and Standard Based grading, I commissioned the development of my own grading system. The AGS (Assesstec Grading System) is the result. This system not only provides me with the requirements I need for grading, but also provides detailed tracking and support for my students.

More detailed information regarding the AGS Grading system can be found in the classroom section of this website under The AGS Grading System.

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