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This section is designed for frequently asked questions about this site, my grading methodology, and other non-teaching aspects. For information regarding specific assignments, or academic (classroom) questions please use the Contact Me page.

This site was created to help support my students by providing a central location where students can find information about their assignments, handouts and other classroom materials, sample essays, and other support materials.
Yes, absolutely. This site contains handouts from my class directly aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. The material contained within those handouts can be helpful in any class that is using the ELA standards. Furthermore, the support resources and model essays can serve as a guide for any essays that you need to write, no matter what the subject.
You can report any bugs and/or issues with this site through the Contact Me page. When reporting an issue please provide as much detail as possible so I can replicate and resolve any issues. Thank you in advance for informing me of any issues you might find as it helps improve this site for others.

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