The Common Core Learning Standards

Raising the Bar

What are the Common Core Learning Standards?

The Common Core Learning Standards are a set of expectations that have been put together by educators, researchers, and other pedagogical professionals across the country, designed to improve student learning and real-life readiness. The standard of the education system has declined in the world stage over the last 20 years; the CCLS have been designed to regain the rigor and restore the competitiveness of the countries academics.

The CCLS have applications in every subject and grade level. The Standards themselves focus on the Humanities (English, Social Studies) and STEM subjects (Science and Math).

To view the CCLS and/or find additional information regarding them please visit the Common Core website at

What does this me for me or my child?

The implications of the CCLS are widespread and impact every aspect of a students academic career. I have listed a few of the more major points below.

College & Career Readiness

As the demand for a college education increases colleges places are running out. The CCLS help prepare students for the competitive admissions process required by colleges.

The CCLS came before any State or City tests to assess them. The standards are designed to ensure students have the skills to transition from the High School academic environment to further education or employment.

How do the CCLS manifest themselves in your classroom?

I support the CCLS (testing is another matter), but the standards themselves are a positive academic force.

To that end all student work is assessed directly to the CCLS. Students are made aware of the standard in which they are being assessed, the standard is discussed to ensure the student fully understands the expectation of the standard.

Students then complete the assigned assessment and receive an individual grade for each standard addressed. This is then entered into the AGS grading system. A grading system that I specifically commissioned to support the students to success.

Using this method of CCLS aligned grading allows me to identify student strengths and weaknesses in direct relation to the CCLS and target areas in which there is struggle.

Student Equality and Fairness

The CCLS help reduce bias in the classroom. Now both students and teachers have clear, definitive guidelines of student expectations. The standards, in conjunction with the teacher assignment outline clear expectations and requirements for all students. The Common Core does not discriminate. All teachers and students are held to the same high standards, this includes ELL and IEP students.

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